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Arabic music institute berlin

Are you a musician and/or interested in learning Arabic music? Do you want to play an Arabic instrument or to play music in an Arabic style?


The first Arabic Music Institute in Germany – right in the heart of Berlin.

Kicked-off in April 2021!

We Teach

Oud, Kaman, Nay, Qanoun, Darbouka and Daf, Solo Singing and Arabic Choral Singing
Practical lessons and workshops in:
Arabic Maqams, Arabic rhythms and Arabic music theory.
Our lessons are available in
English, Arabic, and German.
Online lessons and workshops are also available.

Instructor: Nabil Arbaain

Instructor: Zaher Alkaei

Instructor: Valentina Bellanova

Instructor: Shingo Ali Masuda

Instructor: Youseef Eltikhen

Instructor: Dani Alor

Funded by: