Solo Singing Course


This course will show you how to mesmerize yourself and others with your singing voice. Regardless of whether you are just starting out or already have experience. helping you to improve your technique, strengthen your voice, and increase your vocal range even more quickly than you thought possible! combine technique and everyday emotive sounds in your vocal training

  What you will learn

  Discover your own VOICE CONTROL

  Sing with full self-confidence and versatile emotions

  You’ll have a good understanding of how to use your voice, so you can continue to improve after you’ve completed the course.

  All the basics to build a foundation for your voice

  Extend Your Vocal Range.

 Vocal Warmups, Singing Exercises, and Warm-downs

Teacher Details

Vocal Teacher 

Dani Alor

Vocal Teacher

Language: English, German, Arabic

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This Course Includes


1 Lesson per week

 extended - on demand


45 minutes


Individual Lesson