Qanun Instrument Course


Qanun or Kanun is a stringed musical instrument, played with two index fingers equipped with two picks. The qanun is used in the music of several countries, such as the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and southeastern regions of Europe. As time passed, each country changed and developed its unique model, and every state has a new version of Qanun that suits their musical tunes and chords.

    What you will learn

     the basic instrumental technique, posture, technical exercises

   Note reading and recognition

  reading music, rhythm, and learning simple songs

  Note reading and recognition


  Ear training

Teacher Details

Qanun Intrument Teacher

Shingo Ali Masuda

Composer and Player

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Language: English, German, Japanese

Shortly About Me

Shingo Masuda, born in Osaka in 1986, is a Japanese kanun player.
He was trained in piano and percussion.
In 2009, he turned to the kanun (oriental zither), which had been brought to his attention by Arab musicians in Japan.
He traveled through Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and Greece, where he learned the basics of kanun playing and oriental music.
Since then, he has performed at numerous festivals, on the program of Japan Broadcasting Corporation NHK (state-owned as well as in temples and shrines in Japan.
He plays in various ensembles of different musical genres and collaborates with numerous musicians, dancers and artists.
He has been giving annual concerts in Taiwan since 2012.

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This Course Includes


1 Lesson per week

 extended - on demand


45 minutes


Individual Lesson