Oud Instrument Course


AMI Berlin Courses aims to help students who are interested in Arab Music, in all ages to learn and develop their musical techniques and be specialized in Arabic Maqams/scales, melodies and instruments. AMI Berlin offers courses in Oud fundamentals for absolute beginners, and offers courses for advanced students too. You will be introduced to useful lesson, tools and sources to help you prepare for the next step

  What you will learn

  Read Musical Notation, include the oriental quarter tone.

  play the basic Arabic Maqams /scales.

  How to hold the Oud properly and produce sound from it.

  Play the basic Arabic Music.

Teacher Details

Oud Intrument Teacher

Nabil arbaain

Oud Player and Composer

Email :

Language: Arabic, English, German

Shortly About Me

A Syrian composer and oud player from Damascus. My compositions are inspired by my memories of Syria and how those memories are carried with me throughout my travels. Together with musicians and musical styles from around the world, I have co-founded, composed for and played with bands and orchestras in Damascus, Beirut, Istanbul and more recently, across Europe. Currently based in Berlin, my long-standing passion for the fusion of classical Arabic and Middle Eastern music with other music genres such as Jazz, Flamenco, and Western Classical music continues to find fertile ground.

I have also co-founded four bands in Berlin and currently composes music for them. The first band, Matar, consists of Syrian and German musicians working on merging Middle Eastern Arabic Classical Music and Western Classical music. SINGA, is a Syrian-German music group that infuses jazz music with a Middle Eastern spirit. Naranja, performs Andalusian Music, and the fourth band is “Nabil & Matthias”, a Syrian-German duo balancing Oud solos with Latino rhythms.


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This Course Includes


1 Lesson per week

 extended - on demand


45 minutes


Individual Lesson