Ney Instrument Course


Although the ney is a reed, it is the most developed of the woodwind instruments. The richness of the sound color and harmonics is remarkable. With breathing force and lip movements, a quintet and two overlapping eights of each note can be achieved. However, in Western flutes, two eights of the main voice or an intermediate voice can be formed with the same method. Our lesson will continue with trainings to reinforce our Ney performance by learning nonverbal works of Classical Music

    What you will learn

 Learn how to blow the ney

 Ney playing techniques and solfege 

  theoretical knowledge

  skills to be more prone to notes, to recognize sound systems, and to examine every detail in the note and gain knowledge.

Teacher Details

Ney Instrument Teacher

Valentina Bellanova

Ney Player

Language: Arabic, English, German

Shortly About Me

Valentina Bellanova was born in Florence, Italy, where she later studied musicology and recorder. She then furthered her instrumental studies in Germany at the University of Music, Drama and Media in Hanover, where she obtained her Soloist’s Diploma. She moved to Berlin at the beginning of 2014.

She has been very involved with classical Turkish and Arab music for several years now, also studying their respective aesthetics and theories. She plays both the Turkish and the Arabic Ney and regularly performs these instruments in various music and theatre projects (for example as soloist in the National Theatre Thuringia, in the NDR Radio Station in Hanover, in the Kulturforum in Frankfurt (Oder), in the Komische Oper Berlin, in the Philarmonie Berlin, in the Deutsche Oper Berlin, in the Elbphilarmonie Hamburg, in HAU Theater Berlin, Hamburg Kampnagel, in Staattheater Braunschweig etc.) and with various ensembles like: Berlin Oriental Group, Babylon Orchestra, Husam Al Ali Ensemble, Almar’a: the Arab and Mediterranean Women Orchestra, Nawa Ensemble Berlin, Concerto Foscari (international Ensemble for early music), Ensemble Pera, Farmagia, Syriab etc.


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1 Lesson per week

 extended - on demand


45 minutes


Individual Lesson