darbuka Instrument Course


This course will teach you all the basics of playing the Darbuka Dounbek Goblet drum originating in the Middle East. The drum dates back over 2000 years ago to it's beginnings in Babylon. Learn how to play this fascinating instrument. It has a sharp crisp clear sound that makes you want to dance. It's an interactive teaching experience. The course takes place in 5 sections starting right at the beginning of learning the basics until basic rhythms and exercises. Both beginner and intermediate players will have plenty of substance to further their study and playing ability. Take this course if you are interested in learning how to play and improve your technique.

  What you will learn

  Play different exercises to improve speed and technique

  Learn the four different sounds of the Darbuka and how to play them

 Know the history and some background of the Darbuka

  Know what position to hold your drum

  Play 5 Different Rhythms on the Darbuka

Teacher Details

Darbuka Instrument Teacher

Youssef El Tekhin

Percussion Player

Shortly About Me

Youssef El Tekhin, born 1950 in Damascus, calligrapher, musician and reciter and language and cultural translator; studied acoustics at the Technical University of Berlin, graduated engineer; engaged in Arabic traditional calligraphy and music; further education under the innovator of modern Arabic calligraphy Mounir Al Shaarani; exhibitions in Berlin 2008 and 2009. Living in Berlin since 1972.
1985 foundation of the Arabic Dance&Music Workshop. Support of the Decentralized Cultural Work Berlin


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This Course Includes


1 Lesson per week

 extended - on demand


45 minutes


Individual Lesson